"I love people, and I love taking pictures. I think my clients sense this right away. They know before I even pick up my Nikon that I’m genuinely interested in who they are and what they want to express to the camera. This, I think, is the secret to good portraiture."

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From my years as a newspaper reporter working alongside award-winning photojournalists, I learned about capturing the moment. From my days as a traveling studio photographer shooting Shriners and their families, I learned about composition, studio lighting and how to quickly engage a large group of people. From my experiences in life, I learned about the value of human connection. I believe the best photo is one that not only satisfies an intellectual curiosity, but provokes human emotion. My mission as your photographer is to connect the artistry to you, to foster a warm, relaxed relationship between you and the camera, to create beautiful photos that authentically reflect your moment, your event, your life.

WEDDING DOCUMENTARY STYLE~ My understanding of photography began by watching photojournalists capture the moments that tell the story. Weddings provide an opportunity not only for beautiful formal photos, but for those candid moments that I love to watch for and capture…..The day of your wedding, I commit to being with bride and groom for up to 8 hours, including the bride getting dressed, the ceremony, formal portraits and reception rituals. My final package includes 300-400 high-resolution, non-watermarked photos, cropped, contrast- and light-adjusted, on a 16 GB flash drive for unlimited bride and groom download use. Photos will be posted indefinitely in a private album on this site for easy purchase and viewing by friends and family. A 10-percent-off coupon will apply to purchases of $100 or more. My fee is $1,500 for up to eight hours. Additional hours are billed at $100 per hour. A travel dispensation beyond Kent, Ohio, is billed at $50 per hour. My fee also includes attending the rehearsal before the wedding to preview ceremonial details; to talk to your officiant about photography policies and to see who's who in your wedding party. ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE ~ $175 for 60 minutes pre-wedding if I am shooting your wedding; $225 if not.

HIGH-SCHOOL YEARBOOK PHOTOS ~ I customize this shoot according to your personality and needs. You can change clothes as many times as you want, or not change at all. We can shoot at Beckwith's Orchards or your own back yard. You can bring your violin or your dog or your football. My fee is $240, which includes a photo shoot of 45-90 minutes, at the outdoor location of your choice, with as many poses and outfits as you like. Within two weeks after the shoot (usually sooner), I give you a CD of 40-75 photos (and sometimes more, depending on our shoot), edited for contrast and light, which you can download for use on Facebook, to make graduation invitations, etc. Once you’ve chosen your yearbook photo, I give you 20 free inscribed wallets of your yearbook pose to share with family and friends. Additional prints are extra and must be purchased through me or my web site directly. I also post the final, edited shots on my web site, where they will stay in perpetuity for family and friends to view and purchase. I am also happy to send your yearbook photo to your school yearbook adviser.
**Regarding location: I shoot outdoors for the most dynamic backdrops. Possible outdoor locations include along the river in downtown Kent; the grounds of the KSU; and the aforementioned Beckwith's Orchards. I charge a travel dispensation beyond Stow-Kent of $50 per hour. Multiple locations are also extra.
**The summer before your senior year starts is a great time to beat the rush. See my FB page for more on senior photos:http:/ / www. facebook. com/ groups/ 176499453533/

MATERNITY, BREAST-FEEDING and NEWBORN PHOTOS~ As a mother of three, I love doing these shoots! I charge $225 for an hour shoot. (I charge an additional $50 per hour for travel outside Kent.) Your fee includes a CD from which you can download photos to use in newborn announcement and other novelties. Prints are extra and must be purchased through me or my web site. All pictures will be posted in a private gallery for family and friends to view and purchase pleasure.

BIRTH PHOTOS~I loved giving birth three times and writing about birth and birthing trends as a journalist and family-life columnist. I am an advocate of individualizing the birth experience, including photographs. I can be as present or as removed as you'd like, rendering your photos as private or as open as you and your partner desire. Coming as I do from a family of nurses, I am very respectful of family and staff. I look to make this a seamless enterprise that will leave you with beautiful photos you can spend a lifetime sharing with family and friends, and ultimately one day, your child. I am willing to negotiate my usual hourly fee for the opportunity to photograph the miracle of your birth experience.

FAMILY PORTRAITS~I love doing family portraits, either outdoors or in the comfort of your home. I will help you choose clothing and setting. I also throw in quick, individual shots of various family members during your 45-to- 60-minute shoot. Price, starting at $250, is for up to four family members and includes 1 8X10 of your choice. I also give you a CD for download purposes and to make Christmas cards and other online novelties. Prints are extra and must be purchased through me or my web site. Photos will be posted in perpetuity in a gallery on this web site for family and friends to view and purchase.

EVENTS~ Want your soccer star immortalized? Having a special party or Zumba event? Coming from a journalism background as I do, I love shooting events as they happen. Contact me for a reasonable quote.

HEAD SHOTS~Variable fee, depending on your needs. I will work with your budget. Call me, email me, look for me on Facebook, and on my blog: http:/​/​www.​debralynn-​bloopbloopotter.​blogspot.​com/

EXHIBITS-Latest exhibits include "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans" at McKay Bricker Gallery, Kent, and "Dreams" at Gallery 15, Akron.


***A graduate of Louisiana State University's School of Journalism, Debra-Lynn is also a print journalist and syndicated family-life columnist who has spent more than two decades writing and reporting for newspapers, magazines, Web sites and research organizations. Her passion for excellence in communication has taken her to the university setting, where she taught journalism, and to the bedside of the dying, where she interviewed and photographed hospice patients as a lasting gift for their families. Her attention to detail, to complete reporting and to the authenticity of her work has been recognized by a number of organizations, including the Institute of Southern Studies. Debra-Lynn is a native of South Carolina and a former resident of New Orleans, Boone, N.C. and Fresno, Calif. She lives now in Kent, Ohio, with her husband, political scientist Dr. Steven W. Hook, and a fluctuating collection of their three children. In addition to writing, taking pictures and managing her family, Debra-Lynn spends her time performing African drumming and gardening. She also travels as often as possible.

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23.Vicky Buckwalter(non-registered)
Debra-Lynn, I fell in love with you as a photographer and a person the first time I met you when Jodie and I were looking for a place to host Jodie's reception. I remember we saw your camera and asked if you took wedding pictures. you told us that you were just shooting for a relative's wedding and it was the first one you had shot. You were up front with us about your lack of experience in shooting weddings. You were so sweet to us right away and made us feel so comfortable. You took engagement and wedding pictures both. We couldn't have been more pleased. You captured more wonderful moments than if we would have hired 4 photographers. Your photographs are not just photos, they are memories frozen time. Thank you for wonderful work and your sweet and funny disposition!
22.Patricia Paino(non-registered)
You have a way about you that puts these graduating seniors at ease. The result is your ability to capture their true selves. Beautiful, natural photos.
20.Linda DeFine(non-registered)
Debbie it is so much fun having you at the zumbathons. You have some amazing action shots that express so much emotion. It is obvious you love what you do. Take care. I look forward to owning a few of your photos.
Debra-Lynn, you are such an amazing person and I'm so freakishly lucky to have the privilege of knowing you. Beautiful site!