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During a typical eight-hour wedding day -- from hair and makeup, to bridal shots, through your ceremony, formal group shots and reception -- I will use one of the best pro SLRs in the business -- the Nikon D750 -- to shoot 1,500 to 1,800 photos, and more, which I will edit down to the best 300-600. I will also bring along a Nikon D700 and the D80 for backup; several lenses, including the 2.8 70-200, the 2.8 24-70 and a macro lens for creative closeups. I include in my photography tool bag several flashes with tripods, umbrellas and remote control access; and a Macbook Pro laptop for editing. Depending on the particulars of your wedding day, I may or may not include an assistant in your package. Depending on location, I will attend the rehearsal before the wedding to preview ceremonial details and photography policies with your officiant and to learn who's who in your wedding party. Within 24 hours of your wedding (more typically by the end of your wedding day!) I will produce a Facebook album  for your timeline. I will ultimately (within 2-4 weeks) present you with a flash drive for unlimited viewing, uploading and downloading. I will also post photos in perpetuity in a web gallery for easy viewing and purchase by friends and family. A 10-percent-off coupon will apply to all orders over $100. Beyond technique,  artistry and equipment, what I bring to every wedding I shoot is love for people and what I do. I've shot hundreds of thousands of photos; I've had several one-woman exhibits; and my photographs have been used in collections of art. I love making art with photography. But as important as my love of, and experience with, the craft is my love of people and the human connection. A wedding photographer can have all the equipment in the world, but if she’s not smiling behind the camera, she will have trouble eliciting smiles in front of it. In addition to experience, technological knowhow and equipment, I believe a warm, engaging personality to be the single most important attribute to look for in the wedding photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision, maybe the biggest one you will make around this moment -- besides deciding to say "I do" to your life partner! Regardless of whether you choose me or another wedding photography business, I wish you the best on this very special day.~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here's a great article about prioritizing wedding photography.


One of my favorite things to do in the world is the proposal shoot. Finding the place to hide and then stepping out of the shadows with my camera at the right moment is so much fun. I feel so privileged. 


In between "Yes, I'll marry you!" and the big day is an opportunity to be with the one you love in a relaxed moment of mutual coupledom. Such a sweet time, an opportunity for tender, candid moments and beautiful, posed shots.


PACKAGE A: Eight hours, starting at $1,750, depending on a number of variables, including travel; whether an assistant is needed; and whether your wedding is on a holiday weekend. Additional hours are billed at $175 per hour. ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE WITH PACKAGE A: $200 for 60 minutes pre-wedding. 

PACKAGE B: Four hours of your choice. For example, hair and makeup, bride getting dressed, bridal shots, bridal party shots, formal grouping shots, ceremony, receiving line. No reception photos. Number of photos will be smaller than main package offering, but a flash drive will still be provided, a Facebook album will be provided; and all shots will go up on my Web site in perpetuity. $1,025. ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE WITH PACKAGE B: $225 for 60 minutes pre-wedding.

PACKAGE C: Three hours of your choice. For example, a few bridal shots before the wedding, the ceremony, receiving line and formal shots. No reception photos or bride getting ready shots. Number of photos will be smaller, but a flash drive and Facebook album will still be provided, and all shots will go up on to my Web site. $795. ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE WITH PACKAGE C: $250 for 60 minutes pre-wedding.

ELOPEMENT AND COURTHOUSE WEDDINGS: Two hours, including before and after shots and ceremony at $525. Same add-ons included.

  • Wedding albums are available upon request.
  • Travel is billed at $50 per hour outside the Stow-Kent-Ravenna, Ohio, area


PROPOSAL SHOOT fees vary. Sometimes there's a party after or the couple wants after-shots. Typically $225 for a 45-minute shoot that includes after-shots.


ENGAGEMENT PHOTO packages can be built into wedding packages. (See prices above under each wedding package.) Stand-alone engagement shoots are $275 for one hour and include a flash drive of high-res photos for you to use online and for announcements. Prints are extra, available on my web site at below industry standard rates.

ENGAGEMENT PROPOSAL PACKAGE::::These can be packaged together (though not on the same day, necessarily) for $450, a $50 discount.


I shoot **outdoors for the most dynamic backdrops. Possible outdoor locations include along the river in downtown Kent; the grounds of the KSU; and the aforementioned Beckwith's Orchards. I charge a travel dispensation of $50 per hour beyond Stow-Kent-Ravenna. Multiple locations are extra.  BTW: The summer before the start of the senior year starts is a great time to beat the rush. See my senior-photo FB page for more on senior photos.

**I will also shoot indoors at a location of your choice.


My fee is $265, which includes a photo shoot of 45-90 minutes, at the outdoor location of choice, with as many poses and outfits as the student likes. Within two weeks after the shoot (usually sooner), I give you a flash drive of 40-75 photos (and sometimes more, depending on our shoot), edited for contrast and light, which can be downloaded for use on Facebook, to make graduation invitations, etc. Once yearbook photos are chosen, I provide the senior 20 free inscribed wallets of the yearbook pose to share with family and friends. Additional prints are extra and available through my web site only. I also post the final, edited shots on my web site, where they will stay in perpetuity for family and friends to view and purchase. I am happy to send the chosen yearbook photo to the appropriate school yearbook adviser upon request.


As a mother of three, I love the opportunity to photograph mothers-in-waiting with their partners and current children. And then after, when the baby is born. These are uncommon moments in your life that will never come again just this way. Your shoot will include posed shots and candids that will tell the story of a special time long after it's over.


Fee is 265 for 60 minutes. Within a few days of the shoot, I provide for you a flash drive of all photos from which you can download photos to make announcement and post on social media for friends and family. I also post all photos on my web site in a private gallery, where they will stay in perpetuity for viewing and purchase. 

BIRTH PHOTOS I loved giving birth and writing about birth and birthing trends as a journalist and family-life columnist. I am an advocate of individualizing the birth experience, including photographs. I can be as present or as removed as you'd like, rendering your photos as private or as open as you and your partner desire. Coming as I do from a family of nurses, I am  respectful of the hospital setting. I look to make this a seamless enterprise that will leave you with beautiful photos you can spend a lifetime sharing with family and friends, and ultimately, your child. I am willing to negotiate my usual hourly fee for the opportunity to photograph the miracle of your birth experience.  Negotiable 

I love doing family portraits, either outdoors or in the comfort of your home. I will help you choose clothing and setting. I also throw in quick, individual shots of various family members during your 45-to- 60-minute shoot. Questions about wardrobe? Check out this web site on wardrobe choices.

Photos will be posted in perpetuity in a gallery on this web site. Price, starting at $265, is one hour for up to four family members and includes 1 8X10 of your choice. Additional family members and pets are incrementally extra. Within a few days of your shoot, I give you a flash drive with all photos in high-res for download purposes and to make Christmas cards and other online novelties. Prints are extra and must be purchased through me or my web site for family and friends to view and purchase. Sample price: 5X7 is $10.



Want your soccer star immortalized? Having a special party or a Zumba event? Coming from a journalism background as I do, I love shooting events as they happen, especially sports. I can do individual photos, or sometimes several parents will go in together to ask for a shoot of a game, during which I will get multiple photos of each child in question. One of my specialties is the composite, a collection of photos of your child, with his or her name and jersey number, the name of the team, the team logo and several photos of the child centered around the one best photo. For an example, please go to my sports page under the culture tab on my home page.


Typically $275 first hour, $175 each subsequent hour.

HEADSHOTS Whether you need a new head shot for your business or just your Facebook page, we can make it happen, either outdoors or at the indoor location of your choice. This will be the best head shot you've ever had; I like to find a way to bring out the best in people in these moments. $200 for 45 minutes, one outfit. $250 for one hour and unlimited wardrobe changes. Overtime is billed at $50 per 15 minutes.